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Property Maintenance

Full Service Sustainable Organic Property Maintenance Services

Basic Organic Package


3-Organic Fertilizer Treatments
2-Organic Weed Control
1-Organic Surface Insect Control
You’re covered for the whole season. Based on average 2,500 sq ft. lawn

Deluxe Organic Package


2-Organic Fertilizer Treatments
1-Corn Gluten Treatment
2-Weed Control
1-Surface Insect Control
You’re covered for the entire season. Based on average 2,500 sq ft. lawn

Order an organic lawn care package and get free hedge trimming*

Our Contracted Property Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Mowing

    Accessible turf areas mowed per customer service agreement. Grass clippings are mulched when possible, composted on site, or removed to an organic waste recycling center for a small fee. Check out our pricing chart to see what your monthly cost would be based on the square footage of your lawn.

  • Free Soil Test

    As part of our superior customer service, The GrassCutters will perform a free soil testing at your first service. A quick lawn history, and testing for nutrient levels, pH, compaction, and particle-type will allow us to customize our fertilization and turf care strategy to the needs of your lawn.

  • Trimming

    Turf areas adjacent to curbs, sidewalks, driveways & patios trimmed.

  • Blowing/Clean-up

    Sidewalks, patios, porches & driveways blown with each mowing.Services

Additional Services:

  • Spring Clean-up

    Help your lawn get a healthy start this spring with The GrassCutters. We rake your lawn and mulch the debris. This reduces the chance of mold, while keeping important nutrients on your soil. Clean up the mess winter left behind, and help your lawn green up faster. See pricing>

  • Fall Clean-up

    Don’t spend all weekend raking and bagging leaves. Let The GrassCutters do the work for you. We gather the leaves and take them away. See pricing>

  • Mulching

    Clean-up and weeding of bed & installation of desired mulch. See pricing>

  • Core Aeration

    All lawns need air in the soil to grow. Aeration replenishes your soil with air by pulling small plugs from it. This encourages strong roots. Read more… or See pricing>

  • Lime Treatment

    Liming Conditions your soil and re-balances the pH Level of your soil. An excellent amendment process that will improve your soil over several seasons.

  • Hedge Trimming

    Get perfectly sculpted hedges that add a stunning touch to your home’s exterior. We trim your hedges to perfection, clean up the mess, and take it all away with us. Discover an effortless way to beautify your home’s landscape. See pricing>

  • Organic Weed Control

    The GrassCutters use Sarritor Natural Weed Management. The most effective organic weed control on the market. Read more…

  • Garden Maintenance

    Edging and turning of garden beds at each lawn service. Planting of annuals and maintenance of perennials also available.

  • Organic Grub Control

    The GrassCutters use “beneficial nematodes”. These very aggressive microscopic worms travel through soil looking for grub larvae. Read more…

  • Lawn Repair

    If you have highly advanced damage on your lawn from winter kill, neglect, lack of watering or Pest damage, Call us today and we’ll help formulate a proper plan to get your lawn back into the Healthy Green lawn you desire.

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