lawn care services

Grass Cutting | Zero Emissions Organic Lawn Care

Let’s face it – Life is way too busy!

Spend your time doing the things that matter most to you. Let The GrassCutters professional staff take care of your weekly lawn maintenance and rest assured that your property will be green, clean, and organic, like Mother Nature intended. Check out OUR PRICING or call 905-448-1003 or 416-364-7378 for a FREE CONSULTATION. Clean air lawn care is here now!

  • Weekly Lawn Care

    Grass Cutting, Weed, Edging & Maintaining Shrubs

  • Spring Cleanup

    Raking, Pruning, Edging, Leaf Cleanup & Lawn Inspection

  • Organic Treatments

    Fertilizer, Pest & Weed Control

  • Fall Cleanup

    Raking, Pruning & Leaf Cleanup

Clean. Green. Organic. Sustainable lawn care service.

The GrassCutters use clean electric and biodiesel powered equipment for grass cutting and landscape maintenance that is run on renewable energy. Our electric equipment is charged during the day by solar panels mounted on our trucks, trailers, and portable solar generators. We use organic fertilizers and weed control options and any emissions associated with powering our biodiesel equipment or driving our trucks are offset with verified vehicle emissions offsets purchased from Planetair.

grass cutting

Quality Lawn Services

We are committed to beautifully groomed lawns. We offer weekly grass cutting for residential and commercial lawns. Our service includes lawn mowing, trimming, blowing, and bagging of grass clippings for yard waste pickup. All this effort with less noise and no fossil fuels. Not only are The GrassCutters greener, we’re also affordable. GET A FREE QUOTE and see for yourself.

Conrad Stone“ If you live in Durham, Scarborough or Markham and need a lawn care service, why not try one that cares about the environment? Give us a call – we’re clean, quiet and renewable. ”

– Conrad Stone, Operations Manager

Lawns & Gardens Under Our Care

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The Snowmen Canada Green Building Council Member
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